Hello World!

Welcome to the CrossFit Regional Report.  My inspiration for this blog came last year during the 2012 Mid Atlantic Regional.  I went to the event not fully knowing what to expect.  While there I couldn’t believe the caliber of athlete we in the Mid-Atlantic are blessed to have. And they are just “people” like the rest of us.  They might have super human work capacities, but they are approachable people nonetheless.  For example:

Men’s Division:

  • Ben Smith
  • Nate Schrader
  • Brian Quinlan
  • Steve Pinkerton

Women’s Division:

  • Jenn Jones
  • Christy Phillips
  • Gretchen Kittleberger
  • Michelle Crawford

These are just the top 4 in the individual divisions.  There are a LOT of other very talented athletes with stories to be told in this and other divisions.   The goal of this blog is to shed some light on the lives of those athletes that you may not otherwise hear about.  Hopefully, I can introduce you to some before they get famous.  If someone says “I remember reading about them back in the day on the Regional Report” I would be a very happy man.

Until then: tune in, turn on, and WOD hard.


Photo credit Macleod Designs and my buddy Corrie Cooper.


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